Are you currently an infrastructure or cloud pro wondering how to get started with Python? How about a software developer that wants to work build cloud infrastructure services in a language you’re comfortable with? That’s where a Cloud Development Kit (CDK) comes into play!

You can write your infrastructure-as-code with a general-purpose programming language. This concept is typically referred to as infrastructure-as-software. This allows infrastructure and/or cloud pros to learn about Python with work they’re already doing today and software developers to better understand the cloud services that are being deployed.

If you’re starting on this journey, there’s no better place to start than an open-source CDK.

HashiCorp CDK

In July of 2020, HashiCorp officially announced their HashiCorp CDK which is in Community Preview. The HashiCorp CDK currently supports Python and TypeScript, with plenty of other language support on the way.

Instead of having to write infrastructure-as-code in JSON, YAML, or HCL, HashiCorp is providing another way.

Other vendors are doing this too, like the AWS CDK and Pulumi.

The world of infrastructure-as-software is certainly growing.

Getting Started with HashiCorp CDK

If you’d like to get started with the HashiCorp CDK, here is a great tutorial from HashiCorp providing everything you need to create your first CDK app.

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